Founded in January 2005, the Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation was born out of the desire of artist Josep Coll Bardolet (Campdevànol, Girona 1912 – Valldemossa, Illes Balears 2007) to bequeath part of his painting collection to the town that had been his home since 1944.

The Foundation’s Board is made up of representatives of the Balearic Islands Government, the Valldemossa Town Council and the Council of Mallorca, as well as the artist’s family members and friends.

The Foundation has two main objectives. The first is to preserve, exhibit and publicise the pictorial work of Josep Coll Bardolet, and the second is to promote the culture in all of their facets and forms.

The Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation is headquartered in the centre of the town of Valldemossa, in a building that was restored thanks to the cooperation of the Balearic Islands Government. The first floor of the building features a permanent exhibition of Coll Bardolet’s paintings, which primarily consist of landscapes of Mallorca, though they also include still lifes, flower compositions and his well-known renderings of traditional Mallorcan folkdance scenes. The second floor houses temporary exhibitions, and the ground-level floor accommodates different cultural activities, such as conferences and concerts. Moreover, the centre also has an audiovisual projection room and a courtyard with an amphitheatre for open-air activities.