Ajornament d’exposició

Per causes personals dels artistes, la inauguració de l’exposició de ” Just Married” de Bumble and Worm, (Sarah Charlotte Watson and David Goode Hill), queda ajornada al dijous dia 8 de juny a les 19:00h.

Disculpeu les molèsties.

Agenda June

Here you have the program of the foundation for the month of June.


AGENDA JUNY ANG copiaagenda-mayo-plantilla

Exhibition Juli Ramis (1909-1990). from 25|02 to 02|04

  Exhibition on the figure of the recognised Majorcan artist Juli Ramis. Is treats of a retrospective exhibition in wich you can see works from different representative periods of the artist. His contact with the avant-garde of the twentieth sentury, the time of abstraction in wich he experiments with the subject, and the return to…


Exhibition: Llull-Miramar. Valldemossa from 4/11 to 07/01/2017


This exhibition brings us closer to the figure of Blessed Ramon Llull born in Mallorca in 1232. Writer, philosopher, mystic, theologian, teacher and missionary. He wrote his work in Catalan, Occitan, Latin and Arabic.

Ramon Llull is considered the first writer in Catalan. This year marks the seventh centenary of his death.


_D4C0990FOTO EXPOSICIÓN SALA 2_D4C0937 n Copia de Nadal Torres,Toni Colom, Amanda Corral, Concepció Bauzà de Mirabó, Dídac Alcalà,,,